We do everything in our power to serve, so you can change, grow and achieve more.

Seminar Services

When you want to develop human capital, talent and leadership at all levels our suite of seminars offer you a laser-focused approach.

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Coaching Services

Our renowned individual development and support services offer you individualized, customized coaching experiences that can literally change your life in and outside of work.

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Consulting Services

Our boutique firm offers you a personalized approach. We don’t focus on billable hours. Mission always comes before money.

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Powerful Keynote & Meeting Presentations

You want motivation. You want inspiration. You want provocation. You want fun.
Well, we’ve got it all and more…much much more!!!

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For over 18 years, PowerSkills Training & Development, Inc. has provided government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations with a spectrum of services that ensure that professional and organizational needs are met, change is made and goals are achieved. Because of the unique experiences, education and perspectives which are service team brings to our clients, every client goal, challenge or problem is addressed at personal, professional, team and organizational levels so that dramatic insights are gained, and solutions can be seen and acted upon.

Federal agencies have benefited from a range of services including training seminars, managerial and executive coaching, team problem-solving, organizational consultation and planning, and interactive energized meeting presentations. 

Bob Schout – the founder of PowerSkills – believes in building the capacity of people and systems to flourish on their own, and not be dependent upon outsider professionals. He believes, as does each member of our team, that everyone is a leader, regardless of their level, and that each person can and should be of service to customers, colleagues, communities and the organization itself.

Our promise is simple:

What you need is what you will receive. If programs have to turn on a dime to meet your needs, if fees have to be restructured to fit within budget parameters, if formats and activities have to be adapted to engage your participants, then it will be done; period. We are here to be of service.

Our mission:

Our mission is to build skills, spirit and a sense of community within individuals, organizations, and across all areas of life. We do that by offering relevant, meaningful, engaging and practical services.


We know learning and we know leadership


When you want to develop human capital, talent and leadership at all levels our suite of seminars offer you a laser-focused approach. We bring the learning to you, on-site, online and over the phone. Learning must be intriguing, applicable to real-world situations, aligned with the growth potential of each person, and it must be fulfilling and fun.

Our training facilitators bring every ounce of energy, knowledge, skill and wisdom they have to every encounter with our students, so that your real-world goals and challenges are addressed.

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“Bob Schout is great! He’s so enthusiastic and genuine! So much substance to the content. I am really leaving with new knowledge and new ways of thinking. This was really a great presentations addressing many of the conflicts I observe in my work environment. Great knowledge! Great examples! Great exercises for such a large meeting audience! Thanks Bob!”

Client: Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board

Speech: Diagnosing Workplace Norms that Aggravate Relationships at Work

Bob has an uncanny ability to engage his audience in his trainings. As a CEO of a treatment center, I had the honor of having Bob train our staff on topics ranging from appropriate boundaries to dealing with different personality styles. Our staff always looked forward to his trainings, and even specifically requested him. I highly recommend Bob! 

Yolanda Briscoe, PsyD.

Licensed Psychologist

I just want to share with you, that through your coaching and belief in me you helped me to re-imagine my life.  I would love to chat when you can.

Moving here with my family has led to some more discoveries than I though possible.

Sky Gray


We know people and we know behavior


Our renowned individual development and support services offer you individualized, customized coaching experiences that can literally change your life in and outside of work. We use insight-oriented, psycho-educational, cognitive-behavioral and wisdom-centered approaches so that no matter what a person’s incoming goals and challenges may be, every person will grow to understand the root causes of issues, the key drivers of behaviors and change, the possible solutions to ending patterns, and will develop a realistic path forward to achieve their desired goals.

We have coached leaders of international industries and everyday-individuals who are seeking substantive change in their lives and within themselves. We offer a short, free assessment so that you can see if coaching is the right service for you and if we are the right match for you. Our coaching comes is offered over-the-phone with email follow-up in packages of 3, 6 or 9 sessions.

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  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Managing Up: Re-Setting the Relationship with Senior Management
  • Assessing, Adapting, Controlling and Blending Your Styles at Work
  • Communication Clarity and Functionality
  • Conflict Diagnosis and Mediation Strategies
  • Understanding Human Behavior in an Organizational Environment
  • Preparing for Change: in Roles, Responsibilitiers and Careers
  • Working Respectfully and Effectively with the Diversity of Cultures, Characteristics and Communities at Work
  • Transforming Your Life: Making Dramatic Change in Your Life
  • Achieve Anything: Mapping Your Dream Achievement
  • Making the Move: Moving Past the Past and Through Fear and Change
  • Assessing and Achieving Your Happiness Quotient
  • Finally Dealing with Your Addictions

“Bob, my heart is so full of appreciation for you and how you’ve helped me that I hope that I can write this clearly. You have helped me so much that I can barely wrap my mind around it. I came to you for coaching related to improving my leadership skills at work, and am finishing our coaching sessions (for now) having gained more insight, ideas and motivation to move forward at work, in my career, and in my personal life than I ever thought possible. In 8 sessions you took me deep into myself and helped me look at and make choices about my real motivations, habits of thought and behavior, attitudes towards others that are not always helpful, and the strength of will to change whatever I want to change in life. Because of your help I am already a better leader at work. My boss and my employees have already commented several times about my “change”. Because of you I am more compassionate and clear about my hopes, needs that I have and the love and help that I want to provide, at home with my wife and kids. Bob, I know that you keep saying that its not about you and that the ideas and strength and change is within me, but you helped me find it all. Thank you so very much.”

Jake S.

Service: Personal & Professional Life Coaching


We know organization culture and we know change!


Our boutique firm offers you a personalized approach. We don’t focus on billable hours. Mission always comes before money. We focus on every kind of service that will enable your team and organization to achieve, change and grow. We only offer what we know, for sure, and what we can provide with exceptional levels of quality.

You have unique situations and concerns so the solutions should be customized, not offered in some cookie-cutter fashion. We help you assess your unique needs and offer options and solutions that will address your goals.

Our team is tightly knit. We’ve worked together for years and share expertise and ideas so that you receive the best insights, perspectives, road maps and solutions. We focus on a few areas of expertise so that what we do, we do extremely well. We want you to experience and plan for sustainable change, comprehensive growth, and capacity-building so that your teams and services are agile and service-centered.

Areas of consulting expertise

  • Mediation: facilitating forgiveness, healing of hurts and re-setting of relationships at work
  • Diversity Inclusion Practices and Initiatives: moving beyond mere training to make meaningful change towards inclusion, appreciation and blending of diversity and cultures at work
  • Performance Management and Human Capital Development: developing and launching of 360° performance and organizational assessment tools, and development of agile in-house training and development programs
  • Solution Management Addressing Employee Viewpoints and Challenges
  • Executive Team Cohesion Planning and Leadership Development Strategies


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“Bob, I had to write to say HOLY COW! Thank you! When we brought you in to help our business unit engage in vision planning, problem solving and team building I HAD NO IDEA what would have happened. You are a master facilitator! When I participated in your team building training a couple of months ago I knew that ‘I could learn something from this guy’. So I brought you into the business to help us vision and plan. I had no idea that during a two-day consulting program that we’d actually be able to literally heal relationships that had been strained. At first when you talked about forgiveness at work I was nervous about where you’d take it and if people would take it seriously. Maybe its because of your therapist background or your pastoral counseling background, or whatever it is, but you were able to put it all into logical business lingo and actually get people to feel safe enough to raise feelings and issues, and then help us navigate with empathy to re-set our relationships. Wow! And, we came out of the two days with solutions to problems, and a more in depth business plan and team building plan than even I expected. You fired on all burners. If budgets allow and opportunities are present I will definitely bring you back in over and over again, and help spread the word with our company.”

National Energy Company (confidentiality clause in place)

Service: Strategic and Team Planning Consultation

Powerful Keynote & Meeting Presentations

We know motivation and we know inspiration!


You want motivation. You want inspiration. You want provocation. You want fun.

Well, we’ve got it all and more…much much more!!!

Our team of world-class speakers – Bob, Sylvia and Jewel – have energized thousands of people at hundreds of meetings and conferences. From HR & Training association conferences and corporate meetings to personal growth events and community group rallies, our team cares. They care for and about YOU! That’s why they bring laughter, stories, key questions, and transformational practices to YOU!

They don’t stand before you or apart from you. They come to you, interact with you, and share themselves with you. They make you engage in activities, new ideas and new possibilities. They facilitate fun! They impress upon you the possibilities within you. No one is left out. No one is disengaged. Everyone is provoked to grow, to change, and to know themselves and what’s possible…and then invited to ACT.

Our 60-120 minute presentations will energize and inspire…guaranteed!


Contact us for a complete list of keynote presentations.

“Bob takes the cake. His presentation on The Wheel of Life was incredibly meaningful to me. I loved his stories, his honesty about his own struggles and how he gained insight, and the practical solutions that he offered. Oh, and the presentation was funny too. I usually don’t like going to this sorts of ‘motivational’ presentations. They’re usually meaningless with a speaker who offers something just ‘out of the can’. Bob was different. He was real and he said right off the bat that “if this motivates you – great, but my goal is to provoke new thought and challenge you to think differently. I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m a provocative speaker.” That intrigued me right off the bat, and he certainly delivered. Thank you, Bob. I am really going to try to balance my wheel of life.

Client: US Fish & Wildlife Service Regional Conference

Service: Strategic and Team Planning Consultation, Speech: Balancing Your Wheel of Life


The PowerSkills team places mission before money. It always has and always will. Each team member got into this business of training, coaching, consulting and speaking to transform lives, workplace cultures and communities of people. We use our considerable talents to simultaneously transfer knowledge, build skills, create connections, develop real-world solutions, coach and inspire individuals and teams. Our services are provocative…designed to make clients consider new questions, new options and challenge them to change. Our services are interactive…chock full of experiential, small group, dyad and individual reflection and planning activities. We believe that learning should be fun.

Though we offer off-the-shelf courses for clients, even the off-the-shelf courses are customized to meet your needs. Every PowerSkills Associate believes that a course or service can and should be tailored on-the-spot if necessary to meet the needs of our clients. Service always comes first. So if a learning need arises midway through a course and a client wishes us to address it, we will. It’s as simple as that.


Founder, Base: DC – National

Services provided: keynote speaker, seminar leader,mediator, personal/professional coach, meeting/retreat facilitation, organization-leadership-conflict-diversity consultant. 
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Base: Chicago – National

Services provided: seminar leader, organization-leadership-diversity consultant, keynote speaker


Base: Chicago/Oakland – National

Services provided: seminar leader, diversity consultant, meeting/retreat facilitator


Base: Denver – National

Services provided: seminar leader, diversity consultant, personal/professional coach, meeting/retreat facilitator


Base: Oakland – National

Services provided: seminar leader, keynote speaker, personal life coach, retreat facilitation



Services provided: seminar leader, diversity consultant, meeting/retreat facilitation



Services provided: seminar leader, diversity consultant


Base: DC – National

Services provided: seminar leader, keynote speaker, personal life coach, retreat facilitation


Base: Santa Fe – NATIONAL

Services provided: seminar leader, diversity consultant

PHONE: 619-517-6299

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